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Saturday, May 11, 2013

About Mods

Ist Just Hamumu That Takes Control Growtopia It have Seth Too.
Hamumu and Seth Together Made Growtopia  Together

P.S All Then It Have @ in the start of the name

Mods Of Growtopia Are: @Seth,@Hamumu,@Seil,@Jens,@Meow,@LOKSTER,@Solorien


Some Bad People Also Scamms Doing "Drop Game"
Also You Lost Will Lost Somethinks If You Join On It
OR HAMUMU WILL USE ON YOU A CURSE WAND Also Send You In a World Called Hell 

Some Time People Who is Rich it Can Scamms Too

Me On Growtopia

Who Want To See Me on Growtopia? Im blackcat

See You there

Videos On ... YOUTUBE?!

Once Of Creators Of Growtopia Hamumu its Making Videos but its not just growtopia videos also All Games That Hamumu Software Inc Produce So he is a video about Growtopia Solution  Mate ( i think so i cant see the name of the video *Lolz*


Growtopia Web Site
To See More Details CLick On Link Write Growtopia Web Site

Recipes Of Day

Password Door: Jail Door And Steel


Hi People Im Arthur Passos Welcome To My New Blog.
My Objective Is Share All The Recipes Of Growtopia Or News
Well This Is My New Journey Hope U Like

 P.S Who Doest Have Growtopia For Apple Or Galaxy Subscribe It Now!